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Our treatments are for everybody, we make no distinction between men and women. We just love you for who you are.

SG Wash, Haircut & Blow Dry

Including consultation, shampoo massage, conditioner and finish.

Short hair € 55,00
Medium hair € 60,00
Long hair€ 70,00
Extra tool€ 15,00

SG Barbering

Including consultation, shampoo massage, conditioner and finish.

Buzzz Shave€ 35,00
Beard Trim€ 20,00

SG Wash & Blow Dry

Including consultation, shampoo massage, conditioner and finish.

Wash & Blow Dry as from € 50,00

SG Style & Go

Does not include shampoo massage and conditioner.

Style & Goas from € 30,00

SG Kids

Age 0 to 17€ 35,00

Will this be your first time coloring at SG Seductive Glamor? Make sure to book a free color intake first for a personal advice.

SG Color

Color Regrowthas from € 70,00
Total Coloras from € 95,00

SG Semi Color

Semi Coloras from € 70,00

SG Glaze & Color Shine

If you want just shine, look for a “clear” gloss or glaze. If you’re looking to boost your color or bump up your highlights, choose a gloss or glaze with “semi permanent” color.

Glaze & Color Shineas from € 60,00

SG Highlights

Full Headas from € 154,00
Highlight ¾as from € 143,00
Highlight ½as from € 132,00

SG Face Framing

Face Framing Highlights as from € 85,00

SG Bayalage

Bayalage Fullas from € 295,50
Balayage ¾as from € 255,50
Balayage ½as from € 215,00

SG Bleach

Bleach Fullas from € 170,00
Bleach Regrowthas from € 140,00

SG Toner

Toneras from € 40,00

SG Total Color Changer

Do you want a real change, as in a make over? To create a whole new color, we will need some hair history. Get in touch with us with your wishes and together we will create a plan, including a price indication and the possibilities tailored just for you! 

Total Color ChangerPrice on request

SG Treatments

Intensive Hurry Up Treatment (When time is not on your side)€ 20,00
SG Full Relaxing Treatment (When you need a “ME” time, because you deserve it!)€ 40,00
SG Olaplex Treatment€ 40,00

SG Keratin

Appointments by phone or during a consultation.

Keratin Shortas from € 290,00
Keratin Mediumas from € 335,50
Keratin Longas from € 425,00
Keratin Contouras from € 170,00

SG Browgame

Tweeze & Shapeas from € 40,00
Coloring the Browsas from € 40,00
SG Package Deal (Tweeze, Shape & Coloring)as from € 65,00

SG Lashes

Eyelash tinting€ 35,00

SG Make Up

Excluding eyelashes. Appointment by phone or during a consultation.

SG Beauty of the Dayas from € 70,00
SG Beauty of the Nightas from € 80,00
SG Touch Upas from € 35,00

SG You’re Getting Married!

We will prepare your  most amazing look for your big day. Ask your SG Hairdresser about the possibilities!

SG You’re Getting MarriedPrice on request

Seductive Glamor Star of the Day!

New! Surprise your bestie or yourself to our exclusive ‘Seductive Glamor Star of the Day’ treatment! Celebrate yourself, create your own fashionshoot, or just sit back and let us snap the best photos of you! We at Seductive Glamor will arrange your SG Glamor day.

We will arrange the following:

  • Hair
  • Make Up
  • Professional Photoshoot
  • Professional Photographer
  • Photostudio

Inform with us about the possibilities! Team Seductive Glamor is ready for you.

SG Star of the DayPrice on request

SG Student

Students will receive a 10% discount on all our treatments! Student discounts are only valid on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Available to all full time students upon presentation of student ID. (Discount is not included for our products or the masterclass).

Chemo patients

If you are at any stage in the process of undergoing chemotherapy, let me help you by giving you a free haircut. As it can be a difficult experience to prepare for, losing or regrowing your hair because of chemo, I hope I can make that process the slightest bit less difficult for you. Please call me to book an appointment.