OMG! Swarovski mentions Seductive Glamor

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I’m literally screaming! Swarovski for Professionals has just published an article about my dear friends of Baroqco Jewelry, accompanied by pictures where I have done the makeup and hair of!

Baroqco Jewelry, by designer couple Eduardo and Imelda Liem, specializes in handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry with Swarovski crystals reminiscent of Baroque and Rococo art. They create pure art, I love it! I can’t thank the Baroqco team enough for having me as a MUAH on their events, thank you Eduardo Liem, Imelda Liem, Anna Grigorian, Laura Gobrial, Marcel Schwab and David van der Weyer!
With my name on the Swarovski for Professionals website, my day couldn’t get any better. Oh yeah!!!

Read the full article here:

XXX Dave